Dickens ~ Historical Drama                              

Charles Dickens ReadingBy adopting the masterful storytelling paradigm of  A Christmas Carol, the life story of Charles Dickens is told through the past, present, and future – giving audiences a fuller understanding of the man’s many triumphs, short comings, and creative genius.

Champagne ~ Historical Drama, Adventure                              

FilmsThe veritable account on the discovery of Champagne, complemented by a fictional perspective that follows the engaging journey and ownership of some of the original yields that arose from the cellars of the French monk, Dom Perignon.

Pop 69 ~ Rock and Roll, Historical Drama                              

Canwood EntertainmentBased on the true events leading up to the 1969 Rock and Roll Revival concert in Toronto, Canada, which was voted by Rolling Stone Magazine as the second most important rock and roll festival of it’s time.

PreOrdained ~ Supernatural Drama                               

Canwood EntertainmentPre-determined existence transcends our limited knowledge of ‘the divine right’ and our arrogant belief that we control our own destiny. The essence of PreOrdained goes way beyond all religion, and back to the moment the Universe was created.


Sessions from Havana ~ Music Documentary

Canwood EntertainmentThis documentary follows Italian superstar Zucchero in Havana, during the recording of his latest album, “La Sesion Cubana”. Featuring some of Cuba’s most important musical talent with legendary music Producer Don Was.